Lextar Electronics Corporation aims at manufacturing ultra high brightness Light Emitting Diode (LED) products. Our team is consistently in cohesion to the core values "Integrity & Discipline, Passion & Professionalism, Execution & Excellence, Caring & Contribution" and devoted to "Protecting employees rights, Providing a safe and comfortable workplace, Improving Environmental management performance, Executing the Ethical Code of Conduct, and Fulfilling the Corporate Social Responsibility". We hope we will be a leading company in the lighting industry.

To accomplish the fore-mentioned goals, we are committed to continual improvement and undertaking the following:


1. Comply with the Laws and Fulfill Commitments

  • In compliance with or exceeding statutory labor, ESH associated laws and regulations.
  • Stand by voluntary commitment.

2. Respect and Conserve the Employees' Rights

  • Comply with applicable wage laws, and prohibit the wage deduction as a punishing measure.
  • Advocate employment freedom, and ensure all work being voluntary.
  • Humane treatment and prohibit unlawful discrimination.

3. Promote a Environmental Protection, Safe and Healthy Workplace

  • Adopt best available control technologies in favor of pollution and hazard prevention and risk control.
  • Advance the workplace safety and employees’ health in prevention from occupational injuries and diseases.
  • Apply the principle of “Design for Environment” to products and services, and minimizing environmental impacts throughout business operations.
  • Dedicate to advanced technology development, to conserve resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

4. Improving The Performance of Corporate Governance

  • Conduct regular reviews of corrective actions in order to continuously improve operation and ESH performances.
  • Integrate the value chain and maximizing synergy by keeping business partners engaged in associated activities.

5. Uncompromising integrity, execute the ethical code of conduct

  • Implement the highest standards of integrity in all business behaviors.
  • Strictly prohibit any form of corruption, bribes, extortion and embezzlement.
  • Set standards for fair dealing, advertising and competition and to provide means to keep customer information confidential.

6. Enhance Employee Communication

  • Encourage open communication and direct participation among employees and management.
  • Reinforce stakeholder engagement and performing continuous improvements based on feedbacks of stakeholders.
  • Disclose information regarding business activities and management performance in accordance with applicable regulations and prevailing industry practices.

7. Foster Sustainability Culture

  • Further employees' techniques and skills with the aim of deepening awareness and reinforcing practices.
  • Actively Engage with enhancing social culture, caring disadvantaged groups and ESH associated organizations or activities in benefit of value of diversity.

8. Fulfilling Its Responsibility as A Corporate Citizen

  • Incorporate these principles of social responsibility into all levels of corporate business operation.
  • Promote the spirit of the policy and advocate public service activities.