For Lextar, which was established around two years ago, the first step to corporate social responsibility is to respect and care for its employees, because employees are the most important asset to the company. Lextar places great importance on employees and their work environments, career development, further education and training, and physical and mental health. Lextar also places great importance on the compensation and benefits of employees; competitive compensation packages are offered and based on the employee's academic background, specialized experience and personal performance. Compensation is not based on the employee's gender. Starting salary is not based on the employee's race, religion, political views, gender, marital status, or labor party affiliations.


1. Health and Welfare

Lextar plants are equipped with 24-hours "Wellness Center" that provides health services by using a comprehensive approach in helping employees maintain their health. Services include physical check-ups, up-to-date health knowledge, and medical consultations. In addition, the health maintenance centers are responsible for the nutrition of food offered in the employee cafeteria to help employees maintain their health.


2. Employee Relationships

Lextar has established internal channels to promote smooth communication within the company including employee suggestion mailboxes, the CEO mailbox, and the Employee Welfare Committee mailbox...etc, so as to immediately help provide effective solutions to employees with their problems. Employees may choose to submit their suggestions in their name or anonymously. There are also specific time periods set aside for the CEO to meet with general managers so that the general managers may provide their comments.