open2014: Improving Reading Conditions for Rural Schoolchildren & Giving LED and ECEP Education
In order to provide educational benefactions to rural schoolchildren, Lextar Electronics Corporation has organized the Lighting and Learning Project and held an LED Experiential Camp for Junior Wizards. In the spirit of philanthropy, we seek to improve their reading conditions and shed an educational light on the relationship between LED lighting, energy conservation and environmental protection (ECEP).


Lighting and Learning Project: building a reader-friendly environment that facilitates learning

A spontaneous fundraising crusade that came about among Lextar employees gave rise to the Lighting and Learning Project. As this project of Lextar is set to enable school-library makeovers in outlying rural communities, we have reached out, through Hsinchu Center of Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, to Chulin Branch of Garden Elementary School in Wufeng Township as well as MEKARANG elementary school in Jianshi Township. With Lextar’s donations for the former, the library of which was originally no larger than one third of a school classroom is now expanded to the extent of a full one. In addition, after undergoing refurbishment, it is now well appointed. As for the later, with a collection of 14 thousand books but no reading space, its library also underwent renovation, partly by way of reinstalling all library luminaires with energy-saving LED tubes. In this light, we have created, so to speak, a reader-friendly environment for the rural schoolchildren.

Helped GingPing elementary school to build a multi-functional classroom

The bright-and-new library after renovation


Lextar also donated more than three hundred LED tubes to Zhudong Center of Boyo Social Welfare Foundation, enabling tube replacement and lighting betterment in 36 classrooms, several school offices and corridors as well as other public spaces. In addition, with Lextar LED tubes, Zhudong Center has also saved nearly 50% of their expense on electricity.

Donation and opening ceremony

Lextar donated 300+ LED tubes to help Social Welfare Foundation save energy.

While Lighting and Learning Project is about lighting up outlying rural schools with our LED luminaires, more importantly it is about Lextar employees’ spirit of philanthropy, and benevolent intention to improve learning conditions for rural schoolchildren. Through renovation and bright lighting, it is our prospect that each of these children will grow fond of his library and befriend books. In this way, we are also nurturing reading capacity of the next generation.

LED Experiential Camp for Junior Wizards: lighting up lives and hopes with LED

In this camp, we invited forty schoolchildren from both Plum Blossom Elementary School and Zhudong Center of Boyo Social Welfare Foundation to Lextar’s plant for a full day visit. The experiential activities spanned basic introduction to LED lighting, ECEP life education, getting into a bunny suit, kindling LED lights, as well as teamwork games.

Not only did Lextar employees volunteer to play the roles of team leaders and wizard instructors, the volunteer team single-handedly designed activity content especially for these schoolchildren. We hope to introduce prevailing LED lighting to them as well as give them LED and ECEP education.                                                        Kids event                               A kid curiously looked at the reliability lab                                                                                                                                 

Joining in Environmental Protection and Afforestation Campaigns as Our Spirit of Philanthropy Never Falls Behind

Other than providing educational benefactions to rural schoolchildren, 1,500 Lextar employees also participated in Green Party Festival, an afforestation campaign, held successively for 7 years. The 6,000 saplings that we have erected in March on AU Optronics’ Taichung plant site are our green promises to the society. Moreover, by soliciting one day’s pay from each of our employees, Lextar also engaged in fundraising for Integrity and Efficiency Scholarship, which has provided economic stability for underprivileged schoolchildren, and junior high teens for 9 years in a row.

Lextar employees joined "Green Party" tree planting event.

Lextar President Dr. Lin attended the scholarship donation ceremony.
open2013: Offering Rays of Warmth in a Bitter Winter to Rural Communities & Sharing Love and Imparting the Power of Reading
Holding the vision of listening to and accompanying rural schoolchildren, we seek different opportunities to care for their needs. As we have received wide support from our employees, Lextar has organized Dreams Come True as well as Read for Hope Project. Moreover, we have also financed a movie-watching event which will enable rural schoolchildren to see Beyond Beauty—Taiwan from Above. Through these three campaigns, we hope to keep these schoolchildren warm in winter with provision of school uniforms, to cultivate an appetite for reading and to seed the concept of environmental interdependency.


Dreams Come True Project: Providing Winter School Uniforms to Keep Rural Schoolchildren Warm in the Coming Winter
A spontaneous fundraising crusade that has come about among Lextar employees gives rise to Dreams Come True Project, as winter is approaching and our employees know that warm outfits will be desiderata for schoolchildren in remote mountains. The project has enabled elementary school authorities in Jianshi and Wufeng Township to purchase 90 winter uniforms, and it has made it possible for Plum Blossom Elementary School track and field team to acquire 20 sport suits. Moreover, the surplus of the fund has found its way to supply 103 families in Jianshi Township and 70 in Wufeng with provisions during the winter break— a time when schoolchildren stay home and school lunches are unavailable to them.


Reading for Hope Project: Sharing Love and Cultivate an Appetite for Reading through Storytelling
Reading for Hope Project is a charity campaign set to cultivate rural schoolchildren’s appetite for reading and skills. On the 7th of June and 4th of October 2014, Lextar employees volunteered to turn up at Emei Elementary School in Hsinchu County and do partnered reading with the schoolchildren. As we deeply believe that reading is the cornerstone for learning, we hope to spark their enthusiasm for reading, cultivate a pluralistic mindset, and orient them toward lifelong learning through the interactive progress of partnered reading and playing.


Watching "Beyond Beauty" Documentary Film, a Sponsored Event : Rediscovering the Beauty of Taiwan and Learning to Care for our Motherland
Lextar values environmental education: it is our belief that learning to care for our motherland is an important subject in the education for our children. Therefore, in collaboration with Kuroshio Ocean Education Foundation, we are financing a documentary-watching event and bringing rural schoolchildren to the cinema to see Beyond Beauty—Taiwan from Above. From November to December, we will hold 6 movie sessions and approximately 1028 rural schoolchildren will be able to witness the epic sceneries of Taiwan. Moreover, while rediscovering the Beauty of Taiwan from a high-angle, they will also learn about the environmental sabotage that has been taking place on our motherland. In this way, the seeds of love and care for our environment will be sown.

open2011: Clean our Homeland and Protect Taiwan: an across-the-island coastal and mountain cleanup campaign
In September 2011, Lextar joined Clean our Homeland and Protect Taiwan, an across-the-island coastal and mountain cleanup campaign, held by BenQ Foundation. As the parent company for Lextar, the BenQ headquarters called out to Lextar as well as employees from other BenQ enterprises and Qisda to carry out the campaign concurrently in Taipei and Hsinchu as well as Taichung and Tainan. More than 2,500 volunteers, including employees’ family members, participated in the cleanup, and a total amount of 3.4 tons of debris was collected.

Led by Mr. K.Y Lee, BenQ conglomerate’s chairman, a total of 1,700 Lextar employees and family members carried out the cleanup along the shoreline of Nanliao Sports Park in Hsinchu City. By way of physical labor, we contributed to the sustainability of our environment. Moreover, through an experiential activity, Seabird’s Gizzard, volunteers came to understand the importance of the cleanup and the relationship between our life-style and ocean debris. In this regard, we have all become seed workforce of ocean conservancy. Starting with ourselves, we believe we can make a difference!

open2009: Lextar Lit up Taiwan’s First Elementary School with LEDs and Brightened Jialan Elementary School in Taitung.
In Taiwan, many schools in remote communities were traumatized in the August 8 Flood in 2009. In addition to initiating a series of donations by following in the footsteps of the business group, Lextar Electronics voluntarily participated in the "88 Green Light Project" launched by BenQ Foundation. Matched by the Ministry of Education, Lextar Electronics financed the campus reconstruction project of Jialan Elementary School in Taitung County, Taiwan. 

By integrating the Lighting and Solar Energy Technology Center of the BenQ Group, the 88 Green Light Project provided assistance in the campus reconstruction project. The green building design and energy saving concept were applied to the multifunctional learning center and staff dormitory of Jialan Elementary School to emphasize the symbiosis and harmonious interactions between humans and nature. It is a disaster-resistant building where students and teachers learn on schooldays and where community activities are held on holidays. When a natural disaster breaks out, the center supplies electricity with its emergency life-sustaining power system to protect local citizens and provides a shelter for local communities.

The original staff dormitory of Jialan Elementary School was located by the Tamali River. Unfortunately, it was washed away by the flood along with 57 civilian homes during the typhoon. The new two-storey dormitory was built upon the original campus canteen. After the first onsite survey on 28 September 2009 to confirm the construction site and many design discussions, the construction was finally initiated. The Multifunctional Learning Center & Staff Dormitory Construction Project of Jialan Elementary School is the first campus reconstruction project after the August 8 Flood. This multifunctional learning center integrating reading, entertainment and sharing also redefines the implications in education. The building was completed and began service on 9 September 2010.

Lextar assisted the school in updating the lighting facilities of the new building. This included the replacement of about 700 lamps with LED which saves energy and reduces carbon. It is projected that over 50% of the electricity bill will be saved. Also, this makes Jialan Elementary School the first elementary school in Taiwan to be lit by LEDs. 

Through the BenQ Foundation, Lextar Electronics participated in the charity activities organized by the group, invested in post disaster reconstruction and realized its corporate social responsibility. Apart from providing an opportunity for indigenous students to contact new green technology, Lextar Electronics hopes to display to society the importance of education and integrates school education with corporate culture to give back to society.