Lextar believes compensation and benefits are important aspects to our employees, therefore we have developed a Competitive Compensation Policy.


Introduction of Compensation and Benefits System

Salary system:Competitive salary standard; according to overall Lextar operation, the salary of each individual is adjusted annually in proportion to personal performance. 


Rewards system:For encouraging colleague’s performance on work, Lextar offers a bonus system based on personal performance and overall corporation operation. 


Bonus system: After implementing the rewards system, Lextar still allots proportional profits to employees as bonus. However, corporation profits are closely related to employee performance, so the employees need to work cooperatively and have outstanding achievements to receive better bonuses. 


Insurance system:In addition to National Health Insurance and Labor Insurance required by law, Lextar also offers group insurance and accident insurance as part of employee welfare, which ensures better, more complete insurance for livelihood and safety. On the day upon newcomers’ first arrival, Lextar will apply for their health insurance, labor insurance, and group insurance. At the meantime, employees can also buy health and group insurances for their family members. 


Work / leave system:Besides demands on working performance, Lextar also hopes employees spend more time with their family. As a result, Lextar offers a holiday system that is even better than Standard Labor Act. In addition to paid annual holidays, each year employees have extra, flexible holidays for family gatherings or trips.