Completed Training Programs
Lextar has planned and organized its overall training program based on the results of training requirement surveys and relevant analyses on factors. These include organizational analysis, task analysis and Personal job performance analysis, while taking into consideration the company’s core competency and relevant legal regulations. Lextar’s training program can be divided into five major categories:
Training for new employees

Appropriate orientation programs will be held by the company to help new employees assimilate into their work environment as early as possible. The 7-hour orientation courses, including the introduction of Lextar, quality policy, specifications for environment and safety, human rights, anti-corruption and integrity, are compulsory for all new comers.  In addition, a four-day Power Camp is required for all new employees to help them get off to a strong start, as well as a new employee meeting and fundamental courses. Each new employee is assigned to a mentor (a senior co-worker in the same department) so that he/she can receive immediate guidance and pass through the adaptive phase.

Training for leadership development
Lextar has designed and created a Leadership Development Program based on the specific management skills required for different tiers of management.
Training for engineering R&D
A series of systemized lectures have been created to help engineers to verify their core engineering skills and R&D capacities through the integration of specific know-how. These training sessions are intended to strengthen and pass down professional technical capabilities for engineering and development personnel while ensuring knowledge sharing and management.
Training for quality management
In order to help employees cultivate the concept of quality, Lextar holds events to promote quality on a regular basis. Coupled with relevant quality management training courses, training sessions are designed to help employees develop methods and tools for applied quality management practice in order to strengthen their ability for integration and quality management.
Training for vocational skills
In an effort to assist employees to strengthen their basic vocational skills so as to enhance their productivity, Lextar has designed a series of standard management courses complemented with relevant training for Languages, PC applications and so forth.
Diversified Learning Sources
OJT (On-the-job Taining)
OJT training include taking part in operation meetings, relevant planning and implementations, missions and so forth.
In-house training
In-house training involves company-wide annual training and specific professional training courses.
External training
Employees are encouraged to attend training courses and seminars held by institutions outside the company, or to participate in domestic/foreign field surveys.
Employees may also take part in self-study through independent reading or other OJT trainings (i.e. EMBA). The company is currently offering various workshops and lectures by renowned professionals/specialists/experts.