Good Design Award
The Good Design Award is a comprehensive program for the evaluation and encouragement of design organized by Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP).
This award system was originally born in 1957, out of the belief that design was essential in breaking out of the cycle of poverty in Japan. Since then, the Good Design Award has been given to outstanding designs for more than 50 years in the pursuit of prosperous lives and industrial development. Approximately 37,000 Good Design Awards have been given in continuing these efforts.
JDP receives approximately 3,000 submissions from more than 1,000 companies and designers from inside / outside of Japan every year. These designs are screened by about 60 design experts, who select and recommend those designs worthy of the Good Design Awards. However, the Good Design Awards is not a beauty contest, nor is it an award that assesses the design’s outcome in economic terms. Rather, the Good Design Awards is a system that aims to channel the eminent powers of distinctive designs to build prosperous lives and encourage sound industrial development. Indeed, it is a campaign to brighten and enrich society through design.
■ 2014 Awarded Product
Driver Outside Flat Panel Light
■ 2013 Awarded Product
Dual Emitting LED Pendant Lamp
■ 2012 Awarded Products
Ceres LED Bulb Colibri LED Bulb