Time Event
2018.11 ♦ Release VCSEL products for 3D depth-sensing
2018.08  Release Micro LED chip and UFP I-Mini RGB display module
2018.05 ♦ Lextar 10th anniversary activity
2018.04 ♦ Products assembly line in Chu Zhou fab 
2018.03 ♦ Release ADB intelligent  LED headlight system
Time Event
2017.09 ♦ Released Iris and Facial Double Biometric IR LED Module
2017.04 ♦ Chu Zhou fab groundbreaking
2017.03 ♦ Release automotive laser headlamp at new technology in Shanghai
Time Event

♦ Release Solar White LED technology
♦ Release Humen Centric Lighting

2016.09 ♦ Panel light “ALLUXIA” receiving 2017 Red Dot Design Award and 2017 German Design Award
2016.06 ♦ LED headlamps modules introduce into high-speed rail applications market
2016.03 ♦ Release smart LBS (Location Based Service)
2016.02 ♦ Automotive LED package pass AEC Q101 third-party certification
Time Event
2015.10 ♦ Release Frameless LED Flat Panel Light “ALLUXIA”
Time Event
2014.10 ♦ Panel light "LEAFIA" receiving Japanese Good Design award
2014.08 ♦ Announcing LED cooperation with Cree, Inc.
2014.07 ♦ Smart lighting luminaire "Pandora" received "IDEA 2014" design award
2014.03 ♦ Initiating "Lightening & Learning Project" to support schools in rural areas by renovating their libraries and providing LED lighting
2014.02 ♦ Topped Taiwanese LED industrial peers in patent application for 3 consecutive years
Time Event
2013.10 ♦ Debuting world first 200 lm/W high efficiency omni-directional LED tube
♦ Duel sided panel light "Harmonia" receiving Japanese Good Design award
2013.06 ♦ 8ft LED Tube received Aurora award 2013 - Best LED Lighting Product
2013.02 ♦ Merging with Wellypower Optronics
Time Event
2012.09 ♦ Announces “Photometric Laboratory” Listed with LM-79 and LM-80 Accreditation
2012.06 ♦ Won two prizes in LEDinside Aurora Award 2012, including a「LED Mastermind Award」for Dr. David Su the Chairman and a「The Most Promising LED End-Market Product Award」for its wireless controllable smart lighting system.
2012.04 ♦ Announced OLED Technology for Lighting
♦ Lextar passes ISO 14064-1 Greenhouse Gas Verification for all Taiwan production facilities
Time Event
2011.12 ♦ Lextar topped Taiwanese LED industrial peers in patent application
2011.11 ♦ Lextar announced its lighting product assembly line at Suzhou, China
2011.09 ♦ Lextar went for IPO on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE)
2011.07 ♦ Lextar Hsinchu headquarters awarded the first Green Building Gold LED plant certification
2011.06 ♦ Lextar launched the world's brightest 6W LED candle lamp in the LED Lighting Taiwan 2011
♦ Lextar debuted new Chip Array COB technology and high efficiency (up to 150 lm/W) LED packaging products at Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
2011.04 ♦ Lextar revealed its Lighting Solution and Value Provider (LSVP) Strategy
Time Event
2010.12 ♦ Lextar successfully lit up Taiwan First* 6-inch LED chip processed wafer
2010.10 ♦ Lextar Introduced the first high-efficiency photolithography LED light tube for clean rooms
2010.09 ♦ OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 certified
2010.05 ♦ Suzhou fab groundbreaking
2010.03 ♦ Merged LightHouse Technology
♦ Listed on Emerging Stock Market
Time Event
2009.07 ♦ Monthly shipment over 100 million
Time Event
2008.10 ♦ LED successful pilot run
♦ QC080000 certified
♦ Lextar started shipping
2008.09 ♦ ISO 9001 certified
2008.05 ♦ Lextar Electronics Founded