Hall F, Booth 5657

2017/5/9 (Tue.) - 5/11(Thu.)

Philadelphia Convention Center, PA, USA


Solar White LED Technology

In order to enhance the quality of LED light and to show the true colors under the light, Lextar launches its in-house developed “Solar White” LED technology, whose LED wavelength distribution can simulate real sunlight, with an Rf (color fidelity index) of up to 94 and an Rg (color gamut score) of 99. Lextar's “Solar White” LED technology generates a light source most closely resembling natural sunlight. Lextar will also debut its fresh food lighting, an LED selection lineup that can enhance the merchandise vivacious colors including beef, pork, streaky, fish and fruit respectively.

Light Module Series

Lextar will demonstrate LED light module including light bar and Driver-On-Board light engine. With LM 80 certified LED, we offer wide range LED selection and integrated technology support such as dim-to-warm design, full color tunable design…etc. Our electrical R&D team also offers customized DOB solution including ultra low flicker and high efficacy.
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Luminaire and Retrofit

Lextar will present flat panel troffer lineup including edge-lit, back-lit, driver integrated and driver outside selections. In addition its linear luminaire product line covers batten, shop light and wrap light. Our industrial product design team has won numerous design awards and can provide value-added product design service. Lextar also provides tube lineup covering T5, T8 and ZigBee tube.
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